Ode to the Last Straw

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Written by Chris Manns, one of our wonderful guests, January 2005.


The years are flying by now
And folk say ‘you’re past your prime’
But one thing we are sure of
We won’t be wasting time
Around the world we travel
In a quest ‘to see it all’
From Disneyland in springtime
To Australia in the fall
From quiet Asian Temples
To Las Vegas city lights
From Mexico’s long beaches
To Himalayan heights
From Grand European Castles
To the Taj Mahal at dawn
From journeys up the Yangtze
To Hong Kong and Singapore
But, in New Zealand there’s a cottage
With walls made out of straw
And it has a special magic
That leaves you wanting more
Is it the soft beds or cosy sofa’s?
Is it the roses near the door?
Or that unique kiwi welcome
That people come here for?
We know, no matter where we wander
No matter where we roam
The cottage called ‘The Last Straw’
Will always feel like home